residency program by MOMENTUM Betanian Berlin

Linda Carrara’s painting is made of simple shapes and structures. That is to say, objects, insofar as they correspond to those features. Their representation mainly emphasize spatial dimensions, volumes and lines, with an economy of means that makes the interaction they have with each other sensitive, rather than their own constitution or appearance. In this, the main interest is not the object as a material thing, but the object as a taut space, connected to the related objects. This is a dynamic ecosystem, an organization of fullness and emptiness that offers the mind ways to perceive the world, without the world.
Life without life.
An old work, Grey On Grey, represents a prone cuboid top- ped by an energetic and fluid tree. Instinctively we recognize the dialectical opposition between the body and the structure. Yet the tree seems disembodied and has got no leaves. Although it looks like a shape of life, it is not exactly “alive”. It is therefore, in this state, two comparable structures.
One imitating life, and the other imitating mind. They meet in the world of world’s abstractions.

During her residency, Linda Carrara will continue her research on the architecture as abstract space of the thinking. She will go deeper in the question of projection of light on canvas and she will analyze the relation between the shadow and light of the canvas, the relation with the space that surrounds it and the enigma between the projection of light and light of the painting.

open studio